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JV Painting

Typically we see home owners repair other areas of the home after the foundation repair has been completed.
We partner with JV Paint to make sure a reputable company follows up with good work. They do all painting services in residential homes and commercial. They have been around for over 20 years and will always give a free estimate. 

Villa-Lux Roofing

Our other trusted partners is Villa-Lux Roofing. Villa-Lux Roofing family services all the DFW Metroplex, specializing in new construction, re-roof, maintenance, and all your roof service needs. When you work with us, you get a team unlike any other. While shingles are a durable material, they are not impervious to damage after some movement. It’s important to have a reputable contractor perform a roof inspection. We also suggest taking a moment for a visual inspection any time after a severe storm. Shingles can crack, tear, or go missing after a time, so it is important to catch any issues right away before water or other damages set in. Replacement may become necessary in these cases, but first, our inspectors can give you a professional opinion and estimate.

S&S Imperial Construction 

S&S Imperial Construction is a local company that takes pride in what they do. From painting and design to bathroom remodels, they do it all. S&S Imperial has professional contractors who are there to take care of any home needs. 

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