Marquez Foundation Repair

Marquez Foundation was founded in 1998 by Juan Marquez. He and his crew have repaired foundations in Arlington, Irving, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, Grand Prairie, and the surrounding DFW metroplex. We are one of the few foundation companies that still install an in-ground site-cast concrete footing under a pier and beam home, a double pier system for concrete pressed pilings, and quality drainage systems for your needs. We are so confident that our work is the best you can get that we offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all foundation repair work performed.

Most Common Services

Concrete Pressed Double Pier

Most widely used foundation repair pier in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and was specifically designed for the expansive clay soils that are common to this area.
The hole will typically be four or five feet below ground level and will extend under the grade beam of the home to be lifted. Cylinders will be added and pressed until the point of refusal (the point where it takes more force to press the piling deeper than it does to lift the house). This process is repeated until all the pilings are installed. MOST foundation repair companies will do 1 piling per hole. We noticed adding a second piling adds more stability in the long run making it possible for us to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY at no additional cost.

Sonotube Solution for Pier and Beam

Sonotubes are concrete forms that are inserted in the sloping or cracking foundation to shore it up. Our foundation repair services include a wood replacement, pad and block systems, poured in place piers, and shimming existing piers.
Our lumber replacement includes floor joist, doubled to quadrupled beams, sill plate, soleplate, and subflooring.
We only use high-quality pressure treated materials, and the subfloor material comprises high-quality plywood. Pad and block supports are recommended for foundation repair on lightweight pier and beam homes that have positive drainage. This consists of sixteen by sixteen-inch concrete pads, and concrete blocks are stacked up to support the beams. Poured in place piers are recommended for foundation repair on heavier pier and beam homes, and homes with negative drainage. These are dug below grade and at are least twelve inches thick and steel reinforced.

Drainage Solutions

Poor drainage can damage your yard, landscaping and plants. And serve as a breeding ground for mosquitos and unsightly mold.  Excessive water around the house will shift your foundation over time. It is necessary to obtain the right drainage solution to keep foundation strong. Send us an email to get free tips recommended by structural engineers. 


Our latest photos

We love to take pictures of our work and we want to show people the consistency in quality work

Meet our Team

Our experience and dedication has sustained our business for years and we want to thank those that have made it happen with their years of hard work.

Juan Marquez

Juan started this company in 1998 after working as a foundation repair employee for 15 years. He wanted to pursue the American dream and over time has built a business that truly cares about the people we serve.

Raul Lopez

Raul is one of our most experienced associates. As a foundation contractor he has helped complete hundreds of jobs under his guidance. He has worked in foundation repair for over  30 years!

Gilberto Atayde

Gilberto is the Marketing Specialist and Business Process Consultant for Marquez Foundation. With his background in Sales/Marketing and Six Sigma Consulting he ensures our brand is consistent around all the work that we do.

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